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Challenge Overview

Can my name really appear in a book?! 

Yes!  The library patron submitting the winning idea and the name of the sponsoring librarian will have their names assigned to fictional characters in Montooth 3!


How do I enter? 

Read the first two novels in the Award Winning Carty Andersson series: Montooth and the Canfield Witch and Montooth 2: Race for the Ryland Ruby. 

(Check out the book series website at www.montoothbooks.com). 


Suggest a plot or character development concept for the 3rd Montooth book due out in 2013.


Ask your librarian for a hard copy entry form, or complete the entry form at the "Online Entry Form" link above.

You must include your librarian’s name on your entry.


Who can enter? 

All library patrons are eligible!  Readers of any age from anywhere in the world may enter.  The 2010 Montooth Challenge (school-based) had entries from as far away as China.


When should I submit my entry?

 The deadline is December 31, 2011, which will give Series Author Robert Jay sufficient time to adjust his manuscript to include the winning entry in the final publication.

Your Name in a Novel from an Award Winning Series?!