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I am a librarian - how do I enter my library?

We are happy to have you participate! Click"Contact Us" above to enter your information.   We will be in touch with you soon. 

What does it cost to enter?    

Nothing!  It is FREE to participate - for libraries who sign up early, that is!  Cloverleaf Corporation Publishing will give away 5000 hardcover copies of Montooth and the Canfield Witch and 1500 copies of Montooth 2: Race for the Ryland Ruby!  Additionally, the publisher will supply all display materials and entry forms for participating librarians.

How do my library patrons find out about the Challenge?

After signing up, you will be sent Display Boards and Entry Forms to set up either at your check-out counter or in the appropriate section, e.g. those Montooth has won Awards in: Young Adult, Adult Fiction, Historical Fiction, or Young Adult Mystery/Suspense.  Cloverleaf Corporation Publishing will provide replacement Display Boards and Entry Forms at no cost to you.

I am a library patron - how do I participate in the Challenge?

Visit your library to check out the first two books in the Award winning Montooth series, Montooth and the Canfield Witch and Montooth 2: Race for the Ryland Ruby.  You can pick up an Official Entry Form from your library's Challenge Display Board, or you can complete your entry at the "Online Entry Form" link above.  Please note that to be eligible, you must include your librarian's name and the name and address of your library branch.

I am a student - am I eligible?

Yes!  Talk to your school librarian about signing up - then you may enter through your school library.

Should I read the books in chronological order?

That is preferable but not necessary.  If you are a highly organized person, you may find reading the books out of order more difficult than will a more free flowing personality.  However, Montooth 2: Race for the Ryland Ruby (Montooth 2) gives adequate background about characters and events in Montooth and the Canfield Witch (Montooth One).

Must I read both books to enter?

It would be difficult to provide a winning entry without knowing the characters well and understanding how they develop from Montooth One to Montooth 2.   Anyway, part of the fun will be anticipating where your name might fit in Montooth 3 as you read the other books.  In any event, the judges are not the “book police,” so if you think that you can put a good entry together with only one book, go for it. 

I own my own Montooth books.  Why must I include a librarian’s name?

We would not be able to put together the Challenge without the help, commitment and enthusiasm of libraries and librarians throughout the country.  We want them to have a chance to participate in the fun.

May I suggest an entirely new character?

Your entry is fully free form. Keep in mind that judges are unlikely to select an entry that is inconsistent with the era or characters, however.

Could I suggest an historical period like the 1850 Burma situation in Montooth 2 or an idea for a fable?

Again, your entry is fully free form.

If I do not answer all of the questions in the Survey portion, will my entry still be eligible?

Yes.  The Survey portion is only to help us learn what readers like.  This information has no bearing on your entry.

My library does not always have books I want.  What can I do?

The Challenge will run for an entire year, so you should be able to find the books over time.  If you have a particularly difficult time, ask your librarian to place your name on a “reserve” list so you can get the book you need when the current reader returns it.

How will the entries be judged?

The judges will choose the winner based on the suggestions deemed most imaginative within the confines of the characters’ lives and personalities, and consistent with the mid-Fifties era of Montooth 3.

How will I know if I won?

The winner and the winner’s librarian will be notified in January of 2012 by email (or regular mail if no email address is given).  The Challenge website, www.montoothlibrarycontest.com  will contain updates as well.

May I submit more than one entry?

Absolutely -- but only one entry per form.  We expect that many readers will have several good ideas.

Who are the judges?
We do not identify the judges to insure that no contact is made with entrants.  Judges will be drawn from present or former academics, authors (however, author Robert Jay will play no part in the judging), book editors, business executives, and librarians (librarians may not judge entries from their library system).

Is there an advantage to submitting my entry early?

Yes.  If the winning concept has been provided by more than one entrant, the first of the duplicated entries received will be selected.

May readers enter from outside of the U.S.?

Yes.  However, libraries outside of the U.S. will not be eligible for special pricing and shipping due to the costs involved.